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Multipurpose Latex Gloves – 5 Pairs

Regentox Multi-Purpose Gloves:

  • Size: 260mm, made from 100% natural rubber, double-sided polymer coating.
  • Versatile Usage: Cooking, dishwashing, gardening, medical use, healthcare.
  • Features: Disposable, non-sterile, snug fit, ambidextrous, ribbed cuff, textured fingertips.
  • Material: Natural rubber, soft, durable, non-constrictive.
  • Certifications: CFS, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001.
  • Color: White; Sizes: M, L.

Regentox Multi-Purpose Gloves are a multipurpose product that can be used for many different purposes such as cooking, washing dishes, gardening, and used in medical and health care environments. Gloves are 260mm in size, made from 100% NATURAL RUBBER and are POLYMER COATED with 2 SIDES to help limit direct contact with rubber on the hands, causing no allergies to sensitive skin. Gloves have contoured wrists, making it more CONVENIENT and EASIER to put on and take off gloves. The design hugs the hand shape, increases contact sensitivity, has rough edges on the fingertips for easy operation, and does not cause slipping when the gloves come into contact with other materials.

● Features: Non-sterile disposable gloves. The product can be used with both hands, regardless of left or right. There is a ribbed edge on the wrist, the finger body is thicker and rough at the tip of the finger.
● Ingredients: Gloves are made from natural rubber latex, formed during processing with temperature and chemicals allowed to be used. Natural rubber material is soft, does not cause a tight feeling, and is highly durable.
● Length: 260mm
● Application: Used in medical activities such as medical examination, patient care, dentistry,… helps prevent the risk of disease transmission during contact; Use when doing housework such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, gardening, etc.

● Achieved CFS, FDA certification; ISO 13485, ISO-9001 standards
● Color: White
● Size: M, L

● Wear it to fit your hand, limit contact with sharp objects
● When finished using, remove the glove upside down and avoid touching the used surfaces of the glove, throw it in the trash
● Replace gloves every time they are torn or punctured during use or during each new contact.

● The product is made from natural rubber containing protein, which may cause hand skin allergies in some cases. When you discover a red rash on your hands with an itchy feeling, immediately stop using it and seek medical attention.

● 10 pieces/box ⇔ 5 pairs

● In a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent lights
● Avoid UV rays, X-rays, moisture or Ozone.
● Avoid storing at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius


● Production date is printed on the product packaging.

● Genuine product
● Commitment to product quality, same as description

reGentox is a brand in the field of health care for Vietnamese consumers. All reGentox products are made from high-quality ingredients, prioritizing the use of natural products, saying no to harmful chemicals, ensuring health safety and environmental friendliness.
regGntox’s strong products include: Medical masks; high-quality masks KF94, KN95; Makeup remover cotton; Sanitary cotton swabs; Protective medical gloves; Functional foods,… Not only distributed in Vietnam, reGentox also exports to international markets thanks to quality products according to European-American standards (FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001).