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The Story


Consumers need quality health care products.

During the process of exploring and researching the health care sector, Regentox realized the limitations in accessing suitable, high-quality medical products that cater to the ever-increasing health care needs of the population. From this realization, we understood that to improve the quality of life and health of the community, there needs to be businesses like Regentox that accompany and develop this mission.


Provide quality solutions and products to enhance the quality of life and health of the community.

With a mission to create value and meet all needs of partners and customers, Regentox offers a diverse portfolio of medical supplies – health care – occupational protection, rich in variety.

Diverse Solutions

We not only focus on developing production capacity and techniques but also establish close partnerships with leading manufacturers, brands, and suppliers in the industry, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse product range; notably partnering with reputable domestic and international brands.

Top Quality

We have built our own standard system to ensure the quality of Regentox-branded products as well as the cooperative distribution products to fully meet the needs of customers and partners in this field; providing efficiency and safety in protecting the health of users.

Optimal Health Care

With a Centralized General Contractor model - optimizing the distribution network ensures that Regentox's manufactured and cooperative distributed products reach the user as quickly as possible; committed to meeting all needs of customers and partners in medical supplies, health care, and occupational protection, making shopping easier and saving more time.


Build a comprehensive & high-quality health care solution ecosystem.

Regentox’s products are designed, manufactured, and selected with high standards, ensuring quality and effectiveness in protecting everyone’s health. Our product range is diverse, from gloves, masks, cotton products, safety helmets, protective glasses, masks, protective clothing, protective shoes, and hundreds of other products. We provide suitable solutions specifically for the diverse needs of the Medical sector, from vaccination solutions, operating rooms to daily health care. In addition, we offer protective solutions for various other industries, including construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, energy, food, and many other sectors.